Do you ever just stare at your parents a little too long and get really emotional?I mean. It's a concept lost on me on most days but they're getting old.My mind is full of my own dreams and goals and things I need to do in my life, now that I'm finally adulting. But in... Continue Reading →

Till The End of the Line

I started watching the MCU back in 2018 under the influence of some friends.I loved it instantly.The drama, amazing characters, beautiful friendships, tear-jerking quotes, character developments that make you fall in love and the sense of togetherness. What’s not to love.I know none of it is real. The storyline isn’t relatable.And yet, the characters are.... Continue Reading →

I Respect You 3000

Do not love me.Love, I do not care for.Love makes you do crazy things.People get away with all sorts of "acts of love" Instead, respect me.I would rather have your respectThan your love. Because if you respect me,You will not call me a psychotic bitchYou will not diss my parentsYou will not disregard my religious... Continue Reading →

The Plateau

For the last few months now, my life has been pretty stable. Very consistent. I have the most amazing friends, in the hostel, in college, at home, online. Level headed, no drama, supportive friends.I have found a rhythm in my life. A daily routine that I’m enjoying. It was tough initially. It is still tough... Continue Reading →

The Silence of the Early Morn

The silence of the early mornThe quiet of the darkThe whisper of the rustling treesThe wilful longing of my heartThe drizzle on the street beneathThe embers of the smokeThe birds on my window sillTell me to let go

Everyday Things I Find Art In

In the Histopath diagram I made in my journalIn a flawlessly made study plan that will never be executedIn a side-angle photograph that was not a candidIn the cheese omelette my mother made for meIn the perfectly symmetrical tree outside my windowThe alignment of the stars on a clear skyThe doodles along the margins of... Continue Reading →

A List of Things That Give Me Validation

If you choose to depend on others to validate you and your feelings, I'm sorry to break it to you, but you're going to be unhappy for a long time. Validation is an internal struggle. And it's an ongoing struggle. Don't ever give up. WritingA good hair dayMy girl friendsHitting that high notePeople laughing at... Continue Reading →

Words Are All I Have

I don't think I have it in me to make emotional connections anymore. I think I always have one foot out the door. Ready to bolt at the first red flag. Wading my toes to check how cold the water is, but never really jumping in. Holding on with a grip that won't hurt. Ready... Continue Reading →

दर्द Bhi Tere Kaam Aayega

While pain is an umbrella emotion and universally applicable, the aftermath of it looks different in different lives. The usual phases of depression, anxiety and PTSD impact the mind. But for me, the heart is always more active.The focal point of pain while terrible and unsteady, also radiates a few beautiful offshoots that last longer... Continue Reading →

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